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France: Platform transition: key dates and preparation guide concerning French funds

France: Platform transition: key dates and preparation guide concerning French funds

On 6 March 2024, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) announced the transition from the GECO database to the ROSA platform for French products, effective on 28 March 2024. As part of the announcement, the AMF communicated important information regarding the transition process to French management companies as well as foreign management companies managing French investment funds which are under the supervision of the AMF. Following the transition, the GECO database will be consultative only and the ROSA platform will become the central repository for investment funds.

To ensure that the transition goes smoothly, the AMF has created the following timeline: 

  • 4 - 20 March: User account creation for products in the ROSA platform by administrators of management companies and the connection of new users. The AMF advises that concerned entities set up accounts proactively to avoid any disruption. 
  • 20 March: A webinar is planned to provide a comprehensive guide through the ROSA platform and review its functionalities.
  • 21 March: Last day to submit product files within GECO.
  • 25 March: GECO will be closed (1 day), ROSA will be closed (3 days), and the GECO website will not be updated.
  • 26 March: GECO Extranet will reopen in a read-only format and thus be a consultative platform for existing product information and AIFM reporting.
  • 28 March: “ROSA Tiers” reopens, and the “ROSA Produits” service begins.

Moreover, beginning 6 March 2024, product files submitted must adhere to ROSA's updated mandatory data requirements. It is necessary to complete the file (“ROSA Products - new mandatory data”) for each filing. This document is available on the ROSA platform.

For detailed instructions on account creation and user rights management, please refer to the ROSA Extranet's guidance documentation available on the ROSA platform.

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