Conversations powered by KPMG Luxembourg brings you thought-leadership and insights on the new trends shaping the world. In each episode, we will be joined by business leaders and subject experts to explore themes and share ideas that are transforming global businesses. From technology to talent, leadership to regulation, opportunities to challenges, these curated conversations will offer you the insights you need to make better decisions.

Episode 1

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing business leaders worldwide? What do Luxembourg and Luxembourg companies do to win when it comes to talent, and why is Artificial Intelligence such a complex topic for companies today?

In the inaugural episode of KPMG Luxembourg’s new podcast, we invite three esteemed Luxembourg leaders – Françoise Thoma, CEO of Spuerkeess, Sinor Chhor, Managing Director of Nordea, and our very own David Capocci, Managing Partner of KPMG Luxembourg, to tackle some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing business leaders worldwide. In this episode of ‘Conversations’, Alefiya Sana probes challenging questions surrounding ESG, Talent Management and the challenges of Artificial Intelligence.

KPMG 2023 CEO Outlook

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