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EU Directive 2019-1160 Transposition Update – Sweden

EU Directive 2019-1160 Transposition Update – Sweden

On 1 April 2022 EU Directive 2019/1160 comes into force in Sweden following the passing of bill 2021/22:102 regarding cross-border distribution of funds.

Following this, a physical presence for the fulfilment of facilities services will no longer be required for UCITS in Sweden. The bill confers powers to the government or an authority of its choosing to provide guidelines on how the facilities should be provided going forward and in which language.

In terms of pre-marketing of alternative investment funds (AIFs), Sweden will provide this possibility for both EEA AIFMs managing non-EEA AIFs and non-EEA AIFMs managing either EEA or non-EEA AIFs, for which Sweden is the country of reference, by means of notification at a future time of the government’s choosing, given that this passporting regime is not yet activated on EU level.

The bill 2021/22:102 is only available in Swedish and can be accessed in full here.

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