Cyril Magnien
Associate Partner
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Struggling to find the right solution to protect against fraud and corruption?

Private and public organizations face increasing pressure to operate ethically and demonstrate that they have the right governance model and controls in place to prevent, detect and respond to fraud and corruption. Failing to do so could lead to severe financial losses, significant fines from the authorities, reputational issues and loss of economic security. Are you currently struggling to find the right solution for your company? KPMG Luxembourg is here to help. 

Prevention and risk assessment

Detection and data analytics

Expert-led investigations

Advanced forensic technology

Technology driven, human powered forensic, anti-fraud, anti-bribery and corruption services at KPMG Luxembourg

The forensic environment has become a combination of human expertise and technology. While forensic tools allow you to navigate through complex large volumes of data, professional judgement and human experience remain key factors of success.

Cyril Magnien, Associate Partner, KPMG Luxembourg

The experts at KPMG Luxembourg blend a unique mix of technology, experience and human understanding. We utilize advanced technology to collect, host and process your data in Luxembourg in the most secure manner. We are also able to design and implement tailored solutions for each individual project, whether that be from existing tools, or completely from scratch.

And to compliment this technology, our team is comprised of experts with multidisciplinary backgrounds who understand the relevant control frameworks, industry practices, government enforcement policies and are well versed in managing business constraints. This winning combination of technology and human power offers our clients the peace of mind knowing they are well prepared to prevent, detect and respond to fraud and corruption.