Is the preparation, approval and filing of Lux GAAP statutory annual accounts disrupting your workflow?

It’s no secret that Luxembourg companies are spending ample time every year during the preparation, approval and filing of the Lux GAAP statutory annual accounts. With no standardized process in place, companies have been left to rely on a do-it-yourself method.

But what if I told you that you could not only improve the quality of these annual accounts, but that you could also benefit from one single streamlined process?

KPMG Luxembourg’s new automated annual accounts solution is here to assist you in alleviating the pressure felt during this time frame and allows you to keep your focus on your core business functions.  

Tailored to your needs

Powered by technology

Compliance focused

A technology powered accounting solution developed by accountants for accountants.

What better affirmation of a tool’s success than knowing the creators themselves rely on the same tool? That’s exactly the case for KPMG’s automated annual accounts solution. Originally created for internal use, it was quickly evident that this was a solution that could help bring peace of mind back to many companies here in Luxembourg.

From start to finish, the experts here at KPMG Luxembourg take care of it all. Benefit from a tool that adapts to your needs, helps you remain compliant and ensures you disclose only what the law requires you to. And never let the Lux GAAP statutory annual accounts set you back on your core business functions ever again. 

Our solution offers you…

  • One single streamlined process to prepare, approve and file your annual accounts
  • The creation of a template database for annual accounts with corporate documentation in English, French or German
  • Uniformity amongst your companies
  • Maintained compliance
  • The opportunity to focus on your day-to-day activities year-round

If you are an alternative investment player with operations in Luxembourg and…

  • Have an in-house accounting team
  • Manage Luxembourgish companies
  • Face time, resource and cost restraints
  • Are looking to streamline your process

…this tool is for you!