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Helping HR to focus on core business

Reducing administrative and repetitive tasks in order to focus on core functions has emerged as a primary focus for HR departments. Expectations from the business are high, and HR professionals need to save time and deal with a scope of work that’s extending year on year.

To help you rise to this challenge, KPMG Luxembourg has created the Interest Subsidies Calculator, this assistant enables you to drastically reduce time spent on interest subsidies, avoid technical mistakes relating to tax and social security, and mitigate the risk of tax audits—all while providing employees with a true digital experience.


Paperless approach

Collect employees’ documents and information via a digital tool


Automated calculations in the background

Leave subsidy calculation and document review to the assistant


Easy, secure access for employees and HR

Give your people the freedom to access the tool anywhere


Cost-savings for the employer

Decrease social security contributions for both the employee and the employer

Manage interest subsidies digitally

The KPMG Interest Subsidies Calculator is an IT-platform developed to easily manage the interest subsidy plan process. Designed with employers and employees in mind, your people will benefit from our user-friendly approach.

For whom?
HR departments who collect, treat report, calculate, check and provide information to the payroll team.
– Lighten the workload of your HR department
– Avoid the mistakes in tax and social security calculations that arise from a lack of knowledge or use of Excel spreadsheets
– Be prepared for tax audits and provide accurate supporting document in order to mitigate risks
Successfully implemented at KPMG Luxembourg and used by a growing number of clients

The words paperless and innovation are everywhere right now. The Interest Subsidies Calculator allows you to save time and reduce costs while surfing on the digital wave.

Xavier Martinez
Tax Partner, KPMG Luxembourg

Detailed features

Luxembourg’s interest subsidy scheme allows you to reimburse the interest that your employees pay on consumer loans, or on the mortgage of their main residence. The process is generally subject to a bonus or premium payment.

Participating in the scheme is a great way to offer a financial boost to your employees and improve retention while also reducing your firm’s social security costs. The full amount of interest paid is not subject to employer or employee social security contributions, and is tax exempt up to a specified ceiling.

Lighten HR department workload

  • No manual review required
  • Data centralized on one platform
  • Easy review and communication system
  • Workshops by KPMG professionals
  • Customized support

Eliminate mistakes

  • Simple but comprehensive form to input required data
  • Easy to upload required documents
  • Subsidy calculation and document review are fully automatedSecure
  • Export to Excel
  • Easy transmission to payroll

Centralize documentation for tax audits

  • Paperless
  • Online backup available at the end of the process
  • Risk mitigation

Estimated cost-savings for employer

Example No IS IS
Gross bonus 10,000 10,000
Total interest paid by employee 8,000 8,000
Interest subsidies granted 0 8,000*
Cash bonus paid 10,000 2,000
Employee social security contribution (10.8%) 1,080 216
Employer social security contribution (11.98%) 1,198 239.60
Employer cost-savings 958.40 per employee

*Maximum tax exemption (e.g. married taxpayers filling jointly): EUR 6,000

With an IS plan in place:

  • Exemption of employer and employee social security contributions
  • Improvement of employee satisfaction

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