Christophe Diricks

Partner, Head of Alternative Investments

KPMG in Luxembourg


Our assistant is here to help you sort through piles of tax compliance paperwork

Every year, managers and their teams sift through thousands of paper documents to find and record the right data in countless databases and spreadsheets. The process can be time-consuming and distract from client-focused work. But what if there was a different way?

Our Data Analytics and Tax Alternative Investment team has developed a new tool to help you reduce the time and energy spent on data collection.

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Built by tax experts

Benefit from our experts’ knowledge and extract the correct data


Saves time and reduces costs

Avoid time-consuming work for your team



Easy-to-use and compatible with any IT environment

A reliable and cost-effective solution

Find out how KPMG’s intelligent data extraction assistant for alternative investments can help you reduce the cost of collecting and recording data; give your team more time to spend on valuable tasks.

This tool can perform a variety of tasks including:

  • Reviewing a variety of tax documents
  • Checking for data consistency and reconciling multiple data sources
  • Extracting relevant data and inputting in databases or applications
  • Providing meaningful insights

Who the tool is for:

  • Large alternative investment groups with multiple legal entities – notably real estate and private equity
  • Domiciliation companies
  • Trust and corporate service providers
  • Any firm dealing with recurring administrative tasks