How e-learning can help you comply with QI requirements

New QI compliance requirements pose a challenge to Responsible Officers, especially when it comes to upskilling employees. The QI Agreement requires banks to give periodic training to all relevant staff involved in or impacted by the QI regime. 

To help Responsible Officers to implement the terms of the agreement, KPMG has devised a dedicated e-learning course.

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Find out how KPMG’s e-learning solution can help you reduce the costs of compliance, and give employees the best possible training experience.

E-learning objectives

After taking the course, employees will understand:

  • The aim of the QI Agreement, and the impact it will have on the bank and its operations
  • The main legal obligations outlined in the QI Agreement, and how they will be involved in ensuring compliance
  • The importance of the QI agreement, and the imperative to comply with requirements in their day-to-day role

Course content

  • Documentation of individual and entity account holders
  • U.S. tax withholding
  • 1042-S, 1042 and 1099 Reporting
  • Knowledge check

Who the e-learning is for:

This course is suitable for all relevant staff conducting or involved in QI business. This covers staff members responsible for:

  • obtaining, reviewing, and retaining a record of documentation;
  • making payments subject to withholding;
  • reporting payments and accounts; or
  • making payments under a section 871(m) transaction