Taking the pain out of the corporate car leasing process

Our Luxembourg office will soon be rolling out a chatbot for car leasing, reducing the burden for our facilities staff.


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Implementing an internal chatbot for car leasing

  • Client challenge
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Client challenge

In this case, the client is in fact, ourselves! Some of our internal administrative processes are burdensome for our facilities team despite being relatively straightforward in terms of the level of interaction required. A perfect example is how our employees lease a car. We have seen that while there are many steps in the process, it could be clearly defined without much analysis. Realistically it could be done in a matter of clicks and would be more convenient for our facilities staff and our employees. Enter Kate! Our new internal digital assistant.

Benefits to client

The main benefit is that Kate will provide greater support for our facilities team, giving them more time to focus on other tasks. This automation also helps in providing a better customer experience for staff.

Employees will have the opportunity to order a car directly through Kate in a short series of easy steps. Users can select from a range of pool and lease vehicles to ensure that they have a mobility solution when needed. As an employee you can also order technical materials such as USB sticks through Kate, or even reset your password if after a long break you don’t remember it.

The benefits for our employees are clear as they will be in a position to receive instant feedback rather than the experiencing the natural delay involved in dealing with busy helpdesk employees. The pressure on our facilities staff is also alleviated by bringing in this technology. The success of this project opens the door to automating the processes for registering an absence with human resources and meeting room reservations.


We have worked closely with the facilities team to learn how they process requests, carefully analyzing each step of the process. Based on our understanding of their requirements we have been able to develop a step by step process. We have paid attention to defining the criteria that Kate will deal with and the questions she will need to be asked.

Once an employee answers all the relevant questions, their information will be gathered in an excel sheet along with other requests. At the end of the day all requests are to be sent to the facilities staff so that they can facilitate the final checks and execute any necessary actions in fulfilling the request.

KPMG insights

Given our work with external clients on chatbot and RPA projects, the choice to implement chatbot technology internally is a natural one. Our commitment to providing service excellence in this area is because we can see how significant a role this technology will play in the future. The importance of human-bot partnerships will only become more substantial eventually leading to a new normal working environment: humans working alongside robots. By creating a similar project internally, we are gaining an even deeper understanding of the internal challenges posed by implementing chatbot technology and we can bring this knowledge to our future client projects.

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