KPMG’s Fund Taxation Conference

Precious insights into the impact of tax changes on the asset management and alternative investment industries

The latest tax trends for Asset Management and Alternative Investments

KPMG’s Fund Taxation Conference

We have the pleasure of hosting our industry specific Asset Management (AM) and Alternative Investments (AI) Tax Conference on Wednesday 29 March at 5:30pm at our KPMG headquarters.

We are delighted to bring together our tax partners from AM and AI to present and discuss the latest insights on tax challenges and opportunities.

Join our session to discover key trends and delve into what we can anticipate for the AM&AI industry in the months to come.


What you can anticipate from this event:

Get inspired by our keynote session on: 

  • The latest industry-specific findings on ATAD 3 and Pillar 2 (minimum taxation).

  •  A conversation on transitioning from UCITs to alternatives, and best tax practices to consider and observe. 

  • Expert insights on tax governance, focusing on the effective management of tax risks related to FATCA/CRS, DAC6, and CSSF Circular 20/74.

  • An in-depth examination of the most efficient way to handle fund taxation, utilizing a comprehensive 360-degree fund taxation model that covers every stage of the fund life cycle. This section will also cover an update on the latest developments covering the taxation of investment funds & investor tax reporting.


Our speakers: 

  • Antoine Badot: Partner in Alternative Investments 

  • Benjamin Toussaint: Partner in Alternative Investments

  • Olivier Schneider: Partner in Financial Services

  • Daniel Rech: Partner in Financial Services

  • Jean Kizito: Partner in Financial Services

  • Rachel Redlinger: Partner in Investment Services


Join us for an evening of valuable insights and mingling with fellow industry professionals at our post-conference networking, while enjoying a nice selection of wine and snacks.


29 March 2023


Start time: 5:30pm CET,
registration is open from 5pm

End time: 8:30pm CET

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