Alan Picone

Alan Picone: Partner, Advisory, Asset Management & Alternatives Consulting Leader

Alan joined KPMG Luxembourg in 2018 as a Partner and Head of our Regulatory & Risk Advisory division for Asset Management/Alternatives. With Risk Management as his core subject-matter expertise, Alan has developed throughout his career a comprehensive command of how to best interconnect Risk & Regulatory matters into the strategy top-line, and how to optimize operational effectiveness accordingly. In this context, Alan advises Asset Management businesses along their transformation program in protecting business value and minimize disruption, whilst properly mitigating regulatory risk. Leveraging his previous industry experience as Conducting Officer and Member of the Board of Managers of a 3rd party AIFM, Alan takes a practitioners’ standpoint to support Management Companies and AIFMs in their evaluation and monitoring of regulatory impact as supervisory scrutiny continues to increase. In addition, Alan supports ManCos/AIFMS in establishing effective operating models along with appropriate regulatory risk management protocols. Alan’s areas of expertise, including practical experience in the role, embed all facets of Risk Management along with extensive command of Portfolio Management, Valuation, Delegates Oversight Framework, covering both liquid and alternative strategies.