Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

We can help you understand what risks are involved in your work and how to prepare an action plan to avoid them.

We can help you understand what risks are involved in your work and how to avoid them.

Risk management can’t be boiled down to a single metric or key performance indicator. Yet that doesn’t mean that a disciplined and inclusive approach to risk management isn’t one of the keys to sustainable organizational success. 

Organizations of all kinds are being expected to get better at identifying, understanding and managing the risks they face. To varying degrees, all organizations are exposed to risks associated with:  

  • financial misadventures;
  • legislative and regulatory non-compliance; 
  • climate change and other environmental issues;
  • technological change;
  • business continuity;
  • reputational damage. 

Given the breadth and complexity of the typical organizational risk profile, it’s increasingly recognized that risk management can’t be the responsibility of a single individual or department — rather it has to be embedded across the organization, starting with the board and the CEO. 

How we can help 

KPMG works with organizations (including boards, CEOs, CFOs, risk officers, internal auditors and line managers) to help them better understand their risk exposures and develop robust control systems and measures. 

Our experienced risk and compliance professionals offer timely and practical advice. They’re drawn from KPMG’s advisory services:

  • benchmark financial risk management performance and procedures;
  • enhance financial risk management’s contribution to the attainment of corporate goals;
  • develop tools to measure, monitor and report on financial risk and compliance issues;
  • introduce new compliance measures;
  • conduct compliance health checks

Our advisers are skilled, experienced professionals. They offer advice that is clear, objective and practical. They draw on KPMG’s extensive national and global resources.

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