KPMG Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) practice helps corporations and private equity investors identify and execute transactions. Our experienced team helps clients identify targets for purchase or sale, locates buyers or sellers, and supports company management in developing transaction strategies. We offer actionable insights into terms and pricing, deal structures, debt and equity financing, accounting considerations, negotiations, and other aspects of a proposed transaction. We help companies pursue M&A to grow quickly, expand geographically or acquire new technology, and capitalize on synergies available to strategic purchasers.

The overview below shows a typical M&A process, outlining the various phases during which we assist you as a seller in preparing the necessary documentation and materials, marketing the asset, managing potential bidders, and concluding a successful transaction.

  • Discuss optimal sale strategy
  • Pricing analysis and align price expectations of shareholders
  • Prepare list of potential buyers together with you
  • Prepare and issue early marketing materials
  • Pre-market to selected buyers review of business plan assumptions
  • Assess potential transaction issues (buyer compatibility)
  • Prepare confidentiality agreements
  • Finalize teaser
  • Prepare process letters and info memorandum
  • Draft management presentation
  • Establish due diligence process
  • Gather data room
  • Agree on sensitivity of data room content
  • Prepare VDD (financial/other)
  • Identify legal issues (reps and warranties)
  • Approach selected buyers with confidentiality agreements
  • Distribute process letter and information memorandum to first round bidders
  • Receive and evaluate non-binding offers
  • Select second-round bidders
  • Identify legal issues (reps and warranties)
  • Distribute process letter 2
  • VDD and DR available
  • Distribute draft Share Purchase Agreement (SPA)
  • Management discussions with selected buyers
  • Receive and evaluate binding offers (including SPA mark-up)
  • Select final buyer(s)
  • Confirmatory DD
  • Negotiation of SPA
  • Assistance in arrangements with any regulatory authorities

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