KPMG to establish IT competence centre in Vilnius

KPMG to establish IT competence centre in Vilnius

KPMG has announced plans to establish an IT services hub in Vilnius. In a step to consolidate IT functions, the company is looking to hire 10 to 20 specialists in 2021.

Rokas Kasperavičius

CEO, Partner

KPMG in Lithuania

Technology center

A member firm of the KPMG global organization, KPMG in Lithuania and Latvia has recently become part of KPMG Sweden. The merger is part of the company’s business development strategy that seeks to strengthen KPMG’s competitive position in the region as well as enable future investments and continuous digital transformation.

“The new IT competence centre in Vilnius is part of our integration process,” explains Rokas Kasperavičius, CEO at KPMG in Lithuania. “Since KPMG in Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia started to manage the KPMG in 3 different countries together, moving the IT function to Lithuania has emerged as the optimum solution for our newly combined business.”

Lithuania became the chosen site for KPMG’s regional IT centre due to its skilled and multilingual IT talent pool. The new centre will provide back-office IT services for KPMG operations in Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and other Nordic countries. Along with performing daily IT operations, KPMG’s IT team in Vilnius will work in cybersecurity and data analytics domains.

“The key factor that differentiates KPMG is that it is a services company itself,” says Mr. Kasperavičius. “Working at our competence centre in Vilnius, IT specialists will not only address KPMG internal needs but will also have the opportunity to participate in projects with KPMG clients – key business leaders in different countries.”

KPMG is looking to onboard up to 20 IT professionals by the end of 2021. The company will be hiring IT support specialists, computer infrastructure engineers, cybersecurity and data analysts, and experienced team leaders. With over 200 IT back-office specialists in the Nordics, the company expects to steadily expand its Vilnius IT team to support the growing needs of KPMG in Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries in the Nordic region.

KPMG is a network of firms in 147 countries, employing over 227,000 specialists across three lines of services: financial audit, tax, and advisory, including technology advisory. In Lithuania, the company has two offices – in Vilnius and Klaipėda – and over 190 employees.

According to Gediminas Koryzna, Acting General Manager at Invest Lithuania, KPMG choosing Lithuania for a new IT centre proves the strengths of the country’s Global Business Services and ICT sector. “EU-leading IT infrastructure and solid tech talent are a combination that makes Lithuania an excellent location for an IT hub. The fact that KPMG will entrust such advanced functions as cybersecurity and data analytics to Lithuanian specialists shows how strong and mature the country’s technology competencies are. This sends a positive signal to potential investors.”

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