We take our role as a corporate citizen seriously, and KPMG remains at the forefront of serving and strengthening our markets and communities in tangible ways. It’s core to our purpose and part of our legacy. It’s why we are committed to supporting education and lifelong learning, and why we became a founding member of the UNESCO convened Global Education Coalition for COVID-19 Response to safeguard access to education for the 1.5 billion students across 191 countries affected by country-wide school closures during this pandemic. It’s why we are committed to supporting the UN's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Sustainable Development Goals, and reducing our environmental footprint through our Global Climate Response. Together, these programs will help us build the world we want, to drive sustainable prosperity — across geographies and throughout all of our communities for generations to come.

KPMG in Lithuania also adheres to the network's goals and actively carries out social responsibility activities. The company's financial support for socially vulnerable groups is only a part of this, as we encourage and give employees the opportunity to participate in social responsibility activities themselves. We work with "Maisto bankas”, which always requires active volunteer activities. We organize conservation projects that contribute to the preservation of local flora and fauna. We actively support Ukraine in the context of the ongoing war, both by financially contributing to humanitarian aid and by helping the refugees through volunteering projects. For many years, we’ve been having ongoing projects with "Sidbrine linija", the Union of Lithuanian People with Disabilities and other organizations that provide assistance to socially vulnerable groups and communities.