Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

Working alongside clients, we aim to find solutions to pressing global issues of poverty, environmental sustainability, education and equality.

Working alongside clients, we aim to find solutions to pressing global issues.


The key principles of KPMG activities are to work with integrity, behave ethically at all times, safeguard the environment, and build long-term relationships will all stakeholders. Being a socially responsible company, we seek to be attractive not only to our employees, partners and clients, but to also contribute to the well-being of the society.

Individually and collectively, KPMG partners and employees contribute to strengthening communities, enhancing the environment and creating a sustainable business future. The primary focus of KPMG social responsibility is assistance to socially vulnerable children and young people, also the disabled and persons with chronic illnesses, whom we try to involve into diverse activities and education. 

To increase our social responsibility, each year we organize KPMG Christmas Charity Bazaar, which aims at helping the disabled people to integrate into social life. In those bazaars, people with physical and mental disabilities present their needlework: wood and ceramic handicraft items as well as painted, knitted and embroidered gifts and souvenirs. The event traditionally ends with an auction and all of the money raised during the auction goes to charity.

Six years ago, we launched our social initiative Make a Difference Day, aiming at fostering positive change in the surrounding communities by our works. In this project, we contributed to the renovation of the playground at the nursery-kindergarten Kurpaitė, to the improvement of the environment of Mother and Child Boarding House in Vilnius, to the preservation of the environment at the Day Activity Centre for the Disabled in Kretinga, and many other works.

To contribute to the preservation of nature, KPMG employees, in cooperation with the directorate of the Pavilniai and Verkiai regional park launched a continuous environmental project Strielčiukai Hiking Track. In this project, we trim tree branches, collect waste, build nesting-boxes for birds and bats. 

The Company’s employees have engaged in a social initiative Don’t Buy Water in Plastic Bottles. This initiative is aimed at increasing awareness and decreasing environmental pollution by replacing plastic water bottles by tap water or glass bottles.

To keep our firm’s employees healthy, each year we participate in the events promoting physical activities: Trakai half-marathon, Vilnius marathon, Velomarathon, urban multi-sport race Vilnius Challenge. With regard to the willingness of the colleagues to devote more time for the development of healthy lifestyle habits at their work place, we launched an initiative Exercise at the Office, encouraging the employees to exercise at least 15 minutes daily.

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