Although (some) lockdown measures are still in place, many countries have begun to see signs of economic recovery as large-scale vaccine campaigns gain momentum.

With a renewed focus on the future, we can look forward to the promise of greater workplace flexibility and innovation in remote collaboration. In this situation, we want to celebrate the businesses that address some of the world’s greatest challenges head-on with their innovative solutions: start-ups and early-stage companies, which have been attracting increased interest across the world. It was observed that even the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up opportunities for start-up businesses.

In this report, we are looking into the valuation methodologies that captures the real value potential of an early-stage company, how specific risk profiles are reflected in a valuation and assessing the potential value development over time.

Also, here are the latest capital market developments at a glance:

  • Stock market performances: Major indices gained on a quarterly and yearly basis, with the NASDAQ outperforming all. Most Asian Indices followed a similar trend
  • Sri Lankan primary sector multiples: Valuation multiples of all selected sectors have risen on a yearly basis
  • Current risk-free rates for major currencies: Risk free rates increased in all selected currencies except for LKR in 2021
  • Country risk premia: Significant increase observed in emerging markets
  • Growth rates: Highest growth expectations for Pakistan among emerging economies

Valuation of Early Stage Companies

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