Live Chat with Bill Thomas

KPMG in Sri Lanka held an exclusive virtual discussion with Bill Thomas, Global Chairman & CEO, to hear his views on how KPMG strives to create an inclusive future and how women can reach their aspirations in an enabling environment.

The event offered colleagues in the Sri Lankan firm the opportunity to hear Bill share his views and experiences around the importance of gender diversity, the initiatives being taken by KPMG to build an inclusive future, the role each one of us need to play to lift each other and recognition of the contribution being made by our female leaders across KPMG.

The session concluded with an interactive Q&A session with Bill, who answered questions raised by the colleagues on how each individual in the firm should contribute towards building an inclusive society, driving better representation within leadership roles across KPMG's global organization, issues with respect to gender inequality, initiatives to encourage new working arrangements for women to continue achieving their full potential and many more aspects on how we as the KPMG family should act towards achieving an inclusive future. 

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Live Chat with Bill Thomas
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