A disciplined approach drives results: KPMG’s distinct approach enables organizational transformation tailored to each client’s financial ambitions.

A disciplined approach drives results

The Global Strategy Group difference: Getting from ‘Innovation to Results’

Traditional strategy focuses primarily on the business model without giving adequate consideration to how business model change impacts the operating model and the changes needed to realize value. Our 9Levers of Value approach (9LoV) aligns both operating and business models to deliver agile, customer-centric businesses that are able to respond to disruption and deliver financial ambitions.

The Global Strategy Group’s practitioners have a track record in applying the 9 LoV framework to fundamentally transform organizations of all sizes across the private, public and non-profit sectors. Through this approach, our people create strategies tailored to each client’s financial ambition.

This approach begins with helping leadership articulate its three-to-five-year financial ambition. Considerations include growth, cost efficiency, profitability, ROI and risk appetite, as well as how they may impact the business and operating models.

The ‘business model’ has three elements: Markets; Propositions and Brands; and Customers and Channels.

The focus is to define revenue potential from current and potential markets, how it’s captured through a proposition and brand advantage for customers, and how it’s brought to the customer in the right way. 

The ‘operating model’ has five elements: Core Business Processes; Technology and Operations Infrastructure; Governance, Structure and Risk, People and Culture and Measures and Incentives. The aim is to align the company’s operating model and applicable capabilities to deliver on the strategy efficiently and effectively and deliver ROI incentives. Core business processes such as product development, business development and client service models are designed to provide the critical link between the business model and the operating model.

These measures and incentives are defined to monitor the progress of the transformation and performance of the business. Management information and performance indicator dashboards are created to monitor the key value drivers, which in turn ultimately provide needed information for defining future performance targets.


 “The 9 Levers of Value is a solutions platform. It allows us to solve the most complex and critical client issues.” – Nicholas Griffin, Partner, Head of the KPMG Global Strategy Group, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the UK