Data privacy

Data privacy

Adhering to data protection and privacy legislation.

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Personal data which is processed in the context of the whistleblowing system will be transferred to ClearView Strategic Partners in Canada, a country which is recognized by the European Commission as providing a sufficient level of personal data protection, for the purpose of operating the KPMG International hotline.

Any individual whose personal data is processed in the context of the whistleblowing system, whether reporter or reported person has certain rights of rectification, erasure and access to any personal data of which they are the subject. These rights may be exercised by contacting In the event that a reported person receives confirmation of a report and/or their personal data contained in a report, your identity will remain confidential and will not be disclosed (unless one of the exceptions set out under Anonymity and confidentiality applies).

Reports are retained by those individuals involved in a KPMG International hotline investigation during the course of an investigation. Once an investigation is complete, reports containing personal information will generally only be retained for up to two years following the completion of the investigation. This is done in order to comply with data protection and privacy legislation. However, where the reports might reasonably be required as part of legal, regulatory or similar proceedings or by virtue of professional rules or obligations, full copies of reports, including any personal information, are retained for the relevant limitation period under applicable law.

For more details as to how KPMG processes your personal information, please see the privacy statement.

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