Dear readers,

The State Revenue Committee announced certain amendments to the Declaration of Income and Assets (form 270.00) and Rules for the Preparation of the Declaration. These changes aim to simplify the reporting process by reducing the list of declared information.

The revised declaration form eliminates a requirement to disclose:

  • Income subject to taxation at the source of payment (as this information is reflected in the tax reporting of tax agents);
  • Information on the acquisition/disposal/gratuitous receipt of property registered in Kazakhstan (as this information is available in the state information systems).

Information about the sources covering expenses for the acquisition of property will be disclosed only by certain individuals specified in the "Anti-Corruption Law." These include:

  • individuals holding responsible government positions and their spouses,
  • those authorized to perform state functions and their spouses,
  • officials and their spouses,
  • individuals equivalent to those authorized to perform state functions and their spouses.

The State Revenue Committee informs that until the aforementioned changes are officially implemented in form 270.00, taxpayers retain the right to submit the Declaration of Income and Assets using the existing form. Importantly, if a taxpayer has already submitted the current form with the status "accepted" and "recorded," there is no obligation to resubmit the declaration using the new form 270.00.