Dear readers,

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population introduced amendments1 to the Uniform Rules for Average Wage Calculations.

The amendments introduce a procedure for the average wage calculation for employees working under summarized time-recording:

  • The average wage is calculated as the product of the average hourly earnings, the average daily number of working hours and the number of calendar days of the event (excluding holidays).
  • A separate procedure applies to the calculation of social benefits related to a temporary disability leave;
  • To calculate the social benefit for a temporary disability, the average wage is determined as the product of the average hourly earnings and the number of missed working hours limited by the normal working hours established for the relevant year.

The amendments introduce a new clause stipulating the procedure for calculation of the compensation related to unused days of vacation in case of an employment contract termination. The introduced paragraph also stipulates a separate calculation procedure for summarized time-recording cases.

According to the amendments, payments to employees in the event of downtime are included on the list of compensations not considered for average wages calculations.

The amendments entered into force on 1 January 2024.

Order No.504 of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan On Amendments and Addenda to Order No.908, dated 30 November 2015, of the Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan On the Uniform Rules for Average Wages Calculation, dated 12 December 2023