Dear readers,

Since 1 January 2023, the Law «On the Republican Budget for 2023-2025» of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 1 December 2022 163-VII has been put into effect.

The law establishes the following calculation indicators, among others:1

  1. the monthly calculation index (MCI) – KZT 3,450;
  2. the minimum salary – KZT 70 000;
  3. the minimum pension – KZT 53,076;
  4. the minimum amount of the state basic pension payment – KZT 24,341;
  5. the amount of the subsistence minimum for calculation of basic social benefits – KZT 40,567.

In terms of labor relations, starting from 1 January 2023 employers are required to pay the employee a minimum salary in the amount of KZT 70,000.

Please be informed that violation of minimum social standards and their guarantees, expressed in non-fulfillment and (or) failure to ensure minimum social standards entails an administrative fine in the amount of up to 100 MCI (KZT 345,000 for 2023).2

1 Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Republican budget for 2023-2025” dated 1 December 2022 No. 163-VII

2 Article 82-1 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Administrative Offenses dated 5 July 2014 No. 235-V