This year KPMG in Uzbekistan celebrates its small anniversary. For 5 years now, KPMG office in Tashkent has been demonstrating growth and effective performance. Looking back, it’s nice to remember how things started and what changed during that time. We decided to ask Central Services specialist Marina Nusharova, who was one of the KPMG office pioneers, about how the company evolved.

— Marina, hello! Tell us, why did you want to work for KPMG in Uzbekistan?

— In my previous job, I heard that there is a firm known as Big Four that audits large international companies. News about KPMG returning to Uzbekistan after a long pause immediately excited me. I thought I would have to submit a resume and step into a new phase in my professional career. I have had multiple interviews. And for five years now, I have been part of the KPMG family, a company that unites continents, countries, and people! Each member of KPMG team is a true professional in their field.

—  How did the KPMG story start in Uzbekistan?  

— For me, it started with a small room as a place of work, shared by many people, but, as the old saying goes: “The more the merrier”, and with the words said by our General Director Sanjarbek Saidov: “Well, shall we go round the place and see where the renovation will begin? Where is your tape measure?” You can imagine how poor the premises were before repair! There was difficult work ahead. But, as they say: “What the eyes fear, the hands do”.

We daily engaged in plenty of tasks: finding contractors, making estimates of construction, visiting building materials bazaars, having discussions with designers, and searching for materials. For me, it was a real challenge to do the job which men normally do. However, I embraced the challenge. It wasn’t easy. Refurbishment is always associated with hurdles to overcome, especially with a large size office, which is designed to meet KPMG strict safety and design requirements. As a result, we have a modern office with well-designed workspaces where 150 people work.   

For me, our office is my second home, animate space: I know that to make it feel to be at home many people applied themselves to the task with enormous energy and dedication.

— What was the most difficult and interesting thing about the company’s development?

—I think putting together a team that would work in sync with one another and be capable of dealing with challenging tasks was a difficult thing. The most interesting thing was completing those tasks and enjoying the result.

— Name three of the most significant changes that have occurred in the company and in your professional life over this time?

— Growth, professionalism, creative solutions.

— What do you like most about your job? Where do you draw your strength from? 

— I always draw strength from communicating with people, and my colleagues, and solving the problems to everyone's satisfaction. I really appreciate KPMG has unlocked my potential, helped discover capabilities and even talents that I myself did not know about. It makes me believe in my own strength and gives confidence in my professional life.

— Complete the sentence: «One day, I will definitely ... in my office»

— … organise a Family Day for staff to gather together with their children and have fun… .

— Describe the company in three words:

— Professionalism, discipline, and ambition.

— Where do you see the company ten years from now?

— A huge office building with luminous letters KPMG on its facade, crowded with talents. It’s a team that will take on ambitious tasks every day and assist in the development of the country!