Dear readers,

Effective July 8, 2022 Kazakhstan has introduced unilateral visa-free regime for citizens of India, Iran and China1. At the same time, special 72-hour visa-free transit regime for India and China is terminated.

According to the visa-free regime conditions, citizens of India, Iran and China will be able to enter and stay in Kazakhstan without visa for up to 14 calendar days from the moment of border crossing. Trips for private, tourist and business purposes are available under visa-free regime.

Please be informed that total period of stay in Kazakhstan under visa-free regime should not exceed 42 calendar days within a 180-day period.

Violation of this condition entails administrative liability of the foreigner:

  •  fine in the amount of from 10 to 25 MCI
  • arrest up to 15 days
  • deportation from the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • 5-year ban on entry the country (upon decision of the court) 

It should be noted that visa-free regime does not give the right for work or any paid activities in Kazakhstan. In order to carry out labor activities in the country, it is necessary for the inviting party (individual or legal entity) to obtain the relevant work permit and visa in advance.

1 Government Resolution No. 464 dated 7 July 2022