Measuring fair value in unsettled times

Measuring fair value can present significant challenges for preparers of financial statements even in the best of times because it may involve judgement and estimation. It is even more difficult now due to the impact of COVID-19.

This stressed environment is testing the principles of IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement and ASC Topic 820 Fair Value Measurement and how companies can apply them consistently and transparently.

Rapid changes in market perceptions and economic projections, greater estimation uncertainty and less observable market data, more judgements and assumptions… all of these factors increase the importance of providing disclosures around the key assumptions and judgements used.

The fifth edition of Fair value measurement handbook  (PDF 1.9 MB) addresses frequently asked questions to help you apply the principles of IFRS 13 and Topic 820 during these challenging times and understand the key differences between IFRS Standards and US GAAP.

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