KPMG's R&D Edge

R&D incentive plans can be complex and time-consuming. To simplify and accelerate the process, KPMG has developed R&D Ddge, our end-to-end online solution that works for all industries. R&D Edge's insightful and flexible process is completely aligned to your R&D requirements.

R&D Edge is:

  • Simple - Minimize business disruption, save time and reduce complexity. The process is easy to manage, with everything in the one spot.
  • Insightful - Create full visibility of your R&D project activity and discover deeper insights into your R&D.
  • Flexible - Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of R&D Edge to support your R&D; and access KPMG's R&D Tax advice anytime.

Our focussed dashboard and bespoke workflow guides you step-by-step along the way.


For more information about KPMG's R&D Edge, please watch our video.