IFRS 15 – Illustrative disclosures

IFRS 15 – Illustrative disclosures

Your essential guide to preparing financial statements under the new revenue standard

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Your essential guide to the new revenue disclosures

All companies are impacted by the disclosure requirements of IFRS 15, the new revenue standard, which is effective in a matter of weeks.

It introduces extensive quantitative and qualitative requirements, which apply regardless of the impact of the new standard on your revenue line. 

Our illustrative disclosures supplement (PDF 1.5 MB) will help you to navigate the new requirements and enable you to focus on the information that is relevant to users of financial statements. 

Whatever approach you choose to transition to the new standard – i.e. retrospective or cumulative catch-up – you will find the full set of disclosures that you need to provide on initial application in the updated guide. 

For an illustration of the pre-implementation disclosures that need to be included in 2017 financial statements, see our Guide to annual financial statements – Illustrative disclosures

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