Compliance transformation

Compliance transformation

What stakeholders are asking regarding their compliance programmes and how KPMG can help with their compliance transformation


Faced with the ‘new normal’ of constant regulatory challenges, some organisations see a strategic opportunity. In addition to focusing on how to comply with existing regulations, organisations are increasingly seeking to fundamentally reassess and retool their compliance function and activities in anticipation of future developments.

More and more, organisations are taking a thoughtful step back to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of their entire compliance function, which is key.

They are also assessing how they can further integrate their technology, processes and people enterprise-wide in an effort to further mature their compliance activities and ensure a sustainable approach. Implicitly, they choose to stop tinkering at the margins.

This publication looks at what stakeholders are asking regarding their compliance programmes, how they can initiate compliance transformation, and how KPMG can help design and implement customised compliance transformation frameworks.

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