2017 Anti-bribery and corruption challenges in the auto industry

2017 Anti-bribery and corruption challenges

Developing trends in the auto industry challenge anti-bribery and corruption compliance, it is significant to management the risks in an efficient way.

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More than ever, companies in the automotive industry are operating in a complex and fast-changing global environment. They are faced with a sea of new technologies, and they are constantly trying to adapt to the challenges of doing business in new markets, comply with multifaceted and changing regulations, and obtain licences for new prototypes and technologies under development. At the same time, companies are trying to avoid costly sanctions and enforcement actions, and striving to protect market confidence and public trust by maintaining a reputation for integrity. Managing the risks of bribery and corruption has never been more challenging.

This report focuses on the anti-bribery and corruption risks in auto industry, especially the new challenges brought by the developing trends, and explains how to manage the risks in an efficient way.

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