Quick Guide into IFRS app

Quick Guide into IFRS app

Download the new KPMG IFRS app today.

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The KPMG IFRS App helps gain quick insight in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The app provides the basis of accounting under IFRS and helps finance professionals who want to become familiar with specific accounting topics.  

The app features:

  • A digital pocket size summary of KPMG’s insights into IFRS available both in online and offline mode
  • An extensive glossary that helps the user to understand IFRS specific terminology
  • Frequent soft updates, through the use of push notifications
  • Decision trees to assist the users decision-making process
  • Detailed guidance regarding the most recent complex topics such as: Financial instruments (IFRS 9), Revenue from contracts with customers (IFRS 15), Leases (IFRS 16) and Insurance contracts (IFRS 17).

The app “Quick Guide into IFRS” is currently available for iOS and Android phones/tablets.


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