Tax Alerts

Tax Alerts

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Take a look at KPMG reports of tax developments in Montenegro.


Progressive taxation of profits, transfer pricing and reduced VAT rate from 2022

Novelties in Personal Taxation and Labor Law in 2022



Amendments to the tax and labor laws in Montenegro



Amendments to the VAT Law in Montenegro

Decision on temporary exemption from payment of membership fee to the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro 

Tax measures aimed at supporting businesses during COVID-19 epidemic

Montenegrin Government adopted economic measures due to Covid-19 pandemic 



Content of Capital Gain and Lease Income Tax return in Montenegro



Foreign taxpayers in Montenegro can submit a VAT refund request for 2017 by the end of June 2018 - March



New Rulebooks (VAT and withholding tax) - December

Maximum annual social security contributions base for 2017 - December

Amendments to the Rulebook on the Corporate Income Tax Return in Montenegro - December

Adoption of the Decree on Collection of Tax From Taxpayers' Property - October

Amendments to the Rulebook on Application of the VAT Law in Montenegro - August

Amendments to the VAT Law in Montenegro - August

Bill of the Law on Amendments to the Montenegrin VAT Law - July

Increase in the general VAT rate and excise duty rates in Montenegro - June



Adopted amendments to the Personal Income Tax Law - January



DTT Montenegro - February

New Law on Property Transfer Tax  - January



Personal Income Tax Law Amended - February

Adoption of the Law on Amendments to the Value Added Tax - June



Double Taxation Treaties - February

Amendments to the VAT Law in Montenegro

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