Software test delivery service offerings

Software test delivery service offerings

Software test delivery services from KPMG include software test automation, software performance testing, ERP testing services etc.


KPMG in India's - Software test delivery service offerings


Software test automation: Is the process of automating the steps of manual test cases using a tool or utility to shorten the testing life cycle. When a system undergoes regression, some of the steps might be missed out or skipped, which can be avoided with automation. Software test automation helps avoid human errors, expedite the testing process, thus saving time and effort and a reduced test life 

Test centre set-up: Assists clients to define and establish customised test centres for their testing engagements.

Test programme management: To provide holistic test programme management support to organisations in testing engagements. 

Manual and automation testing: Provides holistic manual and automation testing support to clients, along with test consulting services. 

Software performance testing services: Evaluates the compliance of a system or software component with specified performance requirements, such as response times, transaction rates, and resource utilisation when the real world usage pattern is simulated. KPMG in India provides extensive software performance testing support and consulting services to clients on tools and execution. 

ERP testing services: Define standard testing process to help enhance effectiveness of testing practices in ERP programmes. 

Cloud-based testing services: Provide independent assessment and testing services for cloud based service offerings. 

Agile testing services: Provide an agile testing approach to our customers.

Web-based testing services: Provide independent test services for web-based service offerings

Key differentiators

  • Domain centric delivery solutions
  • Delivery solutions powered by consulting expertise
  • Customer aligned solutions 
  • Good alliances with various vendors to ensure global and up-to-date technology-based approach to provide and maintain quality
  • Retrospection using testing metrics such as defect removal efficiency, defect ratios, and cost of defects.

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