Our infrastructure, government and healthcare practice brings together the best of our teams to help solve our clients' challenges.

We are a closely connected and dedicated team of senior specialists who work together across our islands with our wider global network, delivering the best infrastructure, government and healthcare talent and solutions to our clients. 

We are proud to have worked with many island jurisdictions for more than a decade to respond to public health needs, support economic growth and diversification, comply with extra-territorial requirements and transform services through digital enablement.

We know that the past few years have been challenging for island governments, many of which have been significantly impacted by the loss of tourism revenues. However, we believe that there are many reasons to be optimistic. Trends such as remote working, innovation in farming, sustainable sources of energy and economic diversification provide opportunities for growth and inward investment. Enabling societies to grow in a more equitable way by reducing vulnerabilities and strengthening economies is the starting point for bold and decisive action. Jurisdictions which can reimagine the way we live and work are setting a trajectory for building a better reality for their citizens.  We are committed to supporting our clients on this journey to meet their unique needs and work together towards a better future. 



Investing in sustainable and resilient infrastructure is critical to islands’ economic growth, quality of life, and to creating equitable access to healthcare and education. We understand that climate resilience is a top priority for islands, who, despite their small contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, often experience the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events. Our multidisciplinary team can provide support at every stage: assisting with strategy, developing projects, supporting project delivery, and optimizing performance through sustainability and digital transformation.

Government and Public Sector

Government and Public Sector

Island citizens' expectations are increasing as they seek low friction digital interactions, higher productivity, and a greener economy. This is happening against the backdrop of fiscal challenges intensified by COVID-19. Navigating the complexities of governance, we work with governments to implement transformative strategies. Our comprehensive approach spans policy consulting, digital transformation, and public sector innovation, ensuring that communities thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.



Despite the best efforts of healthcare leaders and workers alike, crises related to access, aging populations, and workforce challenges continue to put pressure on the healthcare sector. These challenges are further exacerbated for islands, which must also manage issues such as fragmentation, limited economies of scale, and access to workforce. Our approach to healthcare transformation taps into the combined power of technology, local island communities, and workforce to enhance the accessibility, quality, and affordability of healthcare services.

International Development and Advisory (IDA)

International Development Assistance Services

We work closely with local clients, nongovernmental organizations, philanthropic foundations, development agencies, multilateral development banks, and other international entities to drive sustainable development for islands through global collaboration.

Travel, Leisure and Tourism

Transport, Leisure & Tourism

For many islands, leisure and tourism is a central pillar to economic success, upheld by key transport infrastructure such as airports and shipping. We understand the current and emerging issues within the transport, leisure, and tourism industry, such as market consolidation, deregulation, public private partnerships, financing, and Net Zero agendas. Through this understanding, we are able to create solutions that enhance connectivity, elevate leisure experiences, and drive tourism initiatives to foster economic growth.

Cayman Government & Public Sector
KPMG's Government & Public Sector Services

We work to deliver meaningful results through a deep understanding of the issues, and an intimate appreciation of how the public sector works.

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