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Setting up a business in an uncharted territory can pose barriers to growth in the form of unfamiliarity with the region’s tax and regulatory rules, business practices, and language- and culture-related hindrances. This can be overwhelming for new market entrants. Even for companies already operating in Kuwait, a fresh perspective may provide alternative insights. To help you get past these roadblocks, KPMG Kuwait offers a multitude of services encompassing cross-border operations and investments.

KPMG Kuwait’s multi-disciplinary team possesses in-depth expertise in tax, audit and advisory services, and vast knowledge of the local market. As your business desk, the firm can provide valuable insights in a range of industries and markets to help you comprehend customer behavior, understand market trends, propose practical solutions to complex business requirements, and share best practices to achieve all-round business growth. Our tax team, in particular, is one of the most experienced teams on the ground in Kuwait. 

In addition, KPMG Kuwait Managed Services can also support your business by looking after its non-core functions, empowering you to maintain focus on the business goals and core operations.

Our integrated Managed Services offering is tailored to fit the needs of foreign companies, with our dedicated and specialized team of professionals managing their bookkeeping, statutory accounting payroll, compliance, tax and other processes. Now you can outsource your non-core functions, or even a subset of a process, to better focus on your core business operations.

Our Services

Tax Compliance Services

Effective tax planning can empower businesses with a competitive advantage when aiming for expansion into a new geography. We have handpicked a team of professionals who have tax and accounting experience with both regional and international clients.

We bring significant value to our clients by customizing tax strategies to fit different industry, legal and financial frameworks and help to minimize direct and indirect tax liabilities.

Tax Advisory and Structuring services

Organizations increasingly understand the importance of addressing issues relating to corporate structures; evaluating jurisdictions where cross-border transactions are planned; addressing transfer pricing issues; and managing taxes with a view to enhancing competitiveness.

We have a dedicated team of Tax Advisors with experience in cross-border taxation policies and can help you better plan your tax matters.

Managed Services

KPMG offers integrated Managed Services to address your Statutory Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax processes using its specialized and dedicated team - comprising accounting, secretarial, tax, and HR/ payroll professionals.

Our offering is relevant for the Kuwait operations of foreign companies and start-up companies. Such entities may find it beneficial to outsource their bookkeeping and compliance functions to be able to focus on their core business operations.

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