With environmental, social and governance (ESG) rising on leadership agendas globally, tax practices and governance are becoming critical ESG measures, with tax transparency often being used as a key metric for demonstrating a responsible attitude towards tax. One thing that has become clear, however, is that not all businesses are at the same point in their tax transparency journey and not all have the same tax transparency destination.

KPMG Tax Impact Reporting can assist in understanding and progressing tax transparency within your business, helping to inspire both confidence and support from investors, customers and regulators. Through this service offering, KPMG professionals from around the world can help your tax department inform stakeholders of your business’s approach to tax, use data-driven methodologies to help accurately compile information on your tax footprint, provide guidance for compliance with tax transparency standards and changes, and use leading technology solutions to support your business on its journey. 

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KPMG Tax Impact Reporting technology tools

KPMG Tax Footprint Analyzer

The KPMG Tax Footprint Analyzer is a data extraction tool that can extract each “taxes paid” amount from every group company to show your group’s global tax footprint. It uses automated data extraction tools, accessing data from the underlying ERP tables and other sources. The tool performs data integrity checks and performs data analysis routines to support the validation process. The results are presented in a dynamic interactive visualization dashboard that allows users to drill down to a deep level of detail and further visualization customization.


KPMG Tax Control Room

The KPMG Tax Control Room is an innovative cloud-based solution that is designed to provide new tax management insights. It allows for the identification of specific actions that can enhance the management of tax risks, head of tax reporting, tax function performance, and tax governance and controls. This solution gathers insights through a range of questionnaires that are then automatically analyzed by the tool for benchmarking and identifying gaps and suggested actions. It is also used in combination with workshops, desktop reviews and other advisory inputs.



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