Cyber Response Retainer program

KPMG’s On-Demand Cyber Incident Response Services model is an affordable, customized service targeted towards small and medium enterprises to address many cybersecurity threats collectively.

Under this model, we offer a host of KPMG’s cybersecurity solutions categorized and bundled together as per your business need. This offering helps reduce risks, can proactively inform clients of threats, and focuses on the long-term development of cyber-response capabilities

Our response will cover the full breadth- from data-center to boardroom and client customer, so you can return to business as usual as soon as possible. Our cybersecurity consulting practice is one of the largest worldwide, with our network of member firms operating in every corner of the globe.

This combined with our 24/7 support services means that no matter when or where an incident occurs, you’ll have industry experts on hand, in record time with local expertise.

Workflow process for the Cyber Response Retainer program

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