Our Impact Plan

In January 2021, KPMG globally announced its Impact plan. As the world faced a period of unrest, KPMG, driven by its Purpose and Values, structured a plan to play its part in creating a sustainable society.

Ever since the launch of the Impact Plan, the entire leadership team at KPMG in Kuwait has been planning to bring those global commitments to our office here in Kuwait. And today, I am proud to announce that we are launching the impact plan for KPMG in Kuwait.

Starting this month, KPMG in Kuwait will create opportunities for our employees to do a minimum of 5 hours of CSR activities across our financial year.

In line with our global commitment to support the United Nations Strategic Development Goals, our employees will reach out to the local communities and support the causes of education, healthcare, the environment, and gender equality. 

Under this program, our employees can participate in any activity planned by the firm, or they can continue supporting any existing organization in their personal capacity however now, they are able to ask their KPMG colleagues for help and make the platform of support even bigger. 

The first activity under this plan is to support the upcoming Global CyberDay campaign. KPMG employees will be reaching out to as many schools as possible across Kuwait and educate students about how to be cyber-safe’.

If you are an organization aligned with the UN SDGs and focused on making a positive impact, please reach out to our CSR committee, and we will be happy to consider the request and partner in the cause that aligns with our impact plan goals.  

Our Impact Plan is our roadmap and the commitment we are making on our journey to become a better business. I also take this opportunity to thank our CSR committee for all the good work they have done so far and wish them all the best for the future. I also urge all our employees to utilize this opportunity and volunteer for various causes.