Korean Tax Brief 2018년 9월호

Korean TAX Brief 2018년 9월호

2018년 9월 한국의 조세동향 및 세무분야의 최신 이슈 업데이트

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2019 Tax Revision Proposal



On July 30, 2018, the proposal of 2019 tax revision was announced by the Ministry of Strategy andFinance. It is understood that this proposal was drafted as part of a continued effort for the governmentto promote income redistribution and sustainable national growth with job creation. This proposal oftax revision was passed through the Cabinet Council in late August this year, after a 20-day preannouncementperiod, the revision bill would be brought to the National Assembly in September 2018.Once enacted by the National Assembly, most of tax revisions in the proposal would become effectivefrom January 1, 2019.


We summarized below the major tax revisions that may materially affect to foreign investors and foreigninvested companies.

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