Oil & Gas & Natural resource

Oil & Gas & Natural resource

Samjong KPMG supports the development of its member firms’ client companies in a rapidly changing and challenging business environment.

Samjong KPMG supports the development of its member firms’ client companies...

The oil, gas and natural resources industry is facing grave challenges of enterprise value chain due to the dynamic change in the market, mainly caused by price decline. The price instability brought both challenges and opportunities to the market. To promptlyl deal with the current situation, energy companies are planning the following changes:


  • Securing liquidity – labor force reduction in the short run, operating cost reduction, production efficiency strengthening
    • Asset rationalization – capital investment reduction, delaying the start of new projects, disposal of non-core assets, financing PF and debt management, business structure redesigning and finance structure improvement
      • Synergy between Businesses and Economy of Scale – M&A and investment in natural resources
        • Interest in Natural Resources – Iran; after the removal of economic sanctions


        In addition to Audit and Tax Consulting, Samjong KPMG aids energy business companies through financial structure improvement, asset rationalization, capital utilization and risk management, global asset disposal and takeover consulting, and process improvement consulting.


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