Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

With its knowledge on aerospace and defense, Samjong KPMG helps its member firms’ clients cope with and lead changes in the field.

With its knowledge on aerospace and defense, Samjong KPMG helps its member firms’...

Rather than regulation and protectionist policies, the current defense industry is undergoing systemic shifts to secure global competitiveness through the introduction of competitive features. It is important not to lose balance and set the right direction when the defense industry is facing a trend of rapid changes.


Samjong KPMG’s defense industry team:

  • contains abundant experience and knowledge on defense industry.
    • is connected with KPMG International’s Aerospace & defense industry network.
      • maintains close cooperative relations with defense industry related institutions.
        • is opening a new horizon for the defense industry with its insight.


        Samjong KPMG is contributing to the enhancement of corporate value with various services on the defense industry.

        • improvement in cost accounting process
        • analyzing Business Process internal control
        • national defense cost accounting task
        • Compliance Risk management for defense export/cooperative companies
        • M&A and finance consulting service
        • Audit and related service
        • Tax consulting service
        • Preemptive restructuring service


        Samjong KPMG carries out various consulting services to help interested parties make the proper decision in both the private and public sector.