New Global Report reveals how stakeholder capitalism embedded in Family Businesses is helping to give them a competitive

New Global Report reveals how stakeholder capitalism embedded in Family Businesses is helping to give them a competitive

New Global Report reveals how stakeholder capitalism embedded in Family Businesses is help

Annual report from KPMG Private Enterprise and the STEP Project Global Consortium highlights how family businesses have made sustainability an integral component within their business model, with 43 percent of the survey respondents reporting high levels of performance on the sustainability index.

A Global Family Business Report from KPMG Private Enterprise and the STEP Project Global Consortium reveals how business families are great sustainability ambassadors, demonstrating how to embed best practices, create shared value, gain a competitive advantage and achieve long-term growth.

A road well-traveled – How family businesses are guiding the sustainability journey”, brings together personal insights from the sustainability experiences of some notable family business leaders combined with sustainability performance data gathered from 2,439 family businesses across 70 countries and territories. The report which uses both qualitative and quantitative research, cites a multi-generational commitment to create value for all stakeholders as one of the underlying reasons enabling many family businesses to excel as sustainability leaders, reflecting an important shift in mindset away from considering sustainability measures an additional cost of business, but an essential investment in the future.  

The report positions sustainability as a familiar concept within business families and an important part of the family legacy, a claim supported with key analysis across varying jurisdictions and sectors that reveal just how embedded sustainability practices have become in family values and business models. Investing in sustainability and operating in a sustainable way is not only viewed as the ‘right thing to do’, but it’s also becoming an essential engine and catalyst for company growth.

The report emphasizes some of the key requirements to help businesses to unlock improved sustainability performance – the essence of which can serve as a blue-print to guide sustainable and responsible business practices, many lessons of which are applicable across industry.

The report concludes that no-one can solve the world’s biggest environmental and societal issues alone and considers the time to be apt for companies across the world to tap into the experiences and know-how of business families, and to do what’s right for generations to come by making sustainability strategies their ‘business as usual’.

About the STEP Project Global Consortium

The STEP Project Global Consortium (SPGC) is a global applied research initiative that explores family and business practices within business families and generates solutions that have immediate application for family business leaders. SPGC aims to be a leading global family business research project with an international reputation. The research insights are specifically drawn to be of relevance to developing new theoretical insights that can offer novel and valuable best practices recommendations to the business stakeholders and the practice community at large. Having a global worldwide orientation, SPGC offers networking opportunities for researchers, family business owners and consultants coming from five continents.


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To support the unique needs of family businesses, KPMG Private Enterprise coordinates with KPMG firms from around the world that are dedicated to offering relevant information and advice to family owned companies. KPMG Private Enterprise understands that the nature of a family business is inherently different from a non family business and requires an approach that considers the family component.


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