Tax Audit and Transfer Pricing

14 December 2022 | 10:00am – 11:30am

14 December 2022 | 10:00am – 11:30am


A tax audit is a formal examination conducted by the Tax Authority to verify information or uncover inaccurate tax returns or fraud. In the meantime, tax audits are challenging and need to be well managing since the first until the end process. Each year the number of tax audits for companies in Cambodia keep increasing. The Tax Authority are using more experienced methods for targeting companies, international and domestic, from across many sectors.

In addition, Transfer Pricing (TP) has become the key focus area for tax authorities when assessing taxpayers. The local TP regulations, however, were initially adopted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia in late 2017, in practice we have seen that the requirements for TP documentation have been increasing in tax audits. Any enterprise continuously making losses or having low profitability will be scrutinized. Moreover, during the tax audit process, there are a number of issues that have generally been scrutinized or challenged by the Tax Authority, such as the pricing of goods and intangibles (i.e. technology/ trademark/ brand-named, etc.), intra-group services and interest expense. Therefore, TP documentation is becoming a major requirement for all taxpayers who have Related Party Transactions.

With this, our experts will provide you with the updates of Tax Audit and Transfer Pricing in Cambodia. KPMG Cambodia cordially invites you to Online Webinar on “Tax Audit & Transfer Pricing Updates 2022”.

Our experts will highlight:

  • Tax Audit updates – Type, process and timeframe of audits, key common issues, and preparation for tax audit)
  • Transfer Pricing updates – Overview of TP , Cambodian TP Regulations, TP compliance requirements and Aspects of TP audit in Cambodia



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09:00am-11:30am Presentation

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