Tax & Regulatory Updates Webinar 2021

Date: 28 May 2021 | Time: 2:00pm - 04:45pm (Phnom Penh Time)

Date: 28 May 2021 | Time: 2:00pm - 04:45pm (Phnom Penh)


In order to continuously and properly comply with the tax and regulatory requirements in Cambodia, businesses must keep themselves updated with the relevant changes in the tax and regulatory landscape in Cambodia. At times, the sheer amount of information released from various sources can be overwhelming and often requires comprehensive interpretation.

Given the above, KPMG is very pleased to introduce our annual update event “Tax & Regulatory Updates Webinar 2021” in which aims to support businesses in the industrial zones in relation to its tax and regulatory compliance obligations in Cambodia. Our expert will share their insights on the recent updates in tax and regulatory legislations, tax reliefs, and related matters that may be impacted your respective business and needed to be updated.



13:45 - 14:00        : Online Check-in

14:00 - 16:45        : Presentation and Q&A


Language: English


For more details regarding the event, please contact Ms. Sim Somanita.

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