Rinsey Tola Mom

Associate director of Tax and Corporate Services

KPMG Cambodia Ltd


Tola has been more than 15 years of working experience in Tax & Corporate Services in KPMG Cambodia. She has also been seconded for an international assignment to KPMG LLP, USA in 2015.

Tola has been a manager in charge of various tax engagements including tax reviews, tax audits, tax advice, and tax compliance matters in which covering a diverse range of sectors, including micro-finance and banks, trading, oil and gas, mining and exploration, agriculture, software, garment and shoes manufacturing, construction, hotel, insurance, telecommunication, and the food and beverage industries.

She has been involved with the market entry studies on the establishment of various companies in Cambodia and registration of the new entities as well as de-registration of entities.

She has handled various tax audit assistance services for many difference types of companies and has developed a strong relationship with the tax auditors as well as the management level within the Tax Office. 

Besides performing on the tax engagements, Tola presented numerous tax/soft skill training and seminars (for both internally and externally) in which including such as:

  1. Presentation on the tax matter related to banking industry to ANZ Cambodia
  2. A guest speaker on the tax aspects of doing business in Cambodia for Manhattan International Limited (Manhattan Special Economic Zone) to Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufactures’ Association in Taipei city; and
  3. A guest speaker in the EuroCham Tax Summer Series for the topic of “Tax Audits and sharing experiences in dealing with tax audits during COVID19 pandemic “