At KPMG, we are committed to creating lifelong relationships with our talented employees, even when life takes them in different directions. Building enduring relationships is a cornerstone of our Clear Choice Vision, so we can stay connected through our careers. Anyone who has ever worked for KPMG can join the programme, because we value your journey with us.

Discover how the 2022 Alumni Blue Bloods Programme can help you stay connected! 

Become a member of the 2022 KPMG Alumni Blue Bloods Program!

As a Firm, we engage with our alumni, since that is where friendships and loyalties lie, and we support them in numerous ways. If you decide to move on and explore new challenges, we will continue to support you after you leave us, through the Alumni Blue Bloods Programme.

Former KPMG people stay in touch with our organisation, reconnect with their former colleagues and make valuable business contacts through the KPMG Alumni Network

  • Are you curious about how your former peers are doing?
  • Do you want to stay informed about the developments in your field?

Join us today to reconnect to your former colleagues, exchange business experiences and build new relationships. 


Alumni Newsletter

Our “Alumni Newsletter” contains news on KPMG, current and former colleagues, and our activities. We encourage Alumni members to contribute to this newsletter by offering to be an interviewee and/ or by sending us interesting news or professional articles.

Access to KPMG’s professional knowledge resources

As KPMG alumni you are welcome to join the KPMG International Institutes which provide valuable insight and commentary through webexes on industry, technical and regulatory issues.

KPMG would like to support you in your career by providing you with the most up- to-date industry updates, free of charge.  The latest updates will be distributed via regular e-newsletter.



Join KPMG Alumni Community

Join KPMG Cambodia Alumni Facebook group to keep contact with our gradutes, current and former colleagues.


Join official KPMG Cambodia Alumni LinkedIn group to keep contact with our gradutes, current and formers colleagues.

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