New and emerging technologies and accelerated digitalization are radically changing the future of audit. KPMG firms are committed to transforming the future of audit by serving the public interest and bringing value to our clients, through continuous innovation.

Leveraging the strength of our network, we’ve launched KPMG’s All eyes on: The future of Audit campaign that reveals how we believe audit may be fundamentally transformed over the coming years. Speaking to some of our colleagues around East Africa, you’ll learn about trending topics such as artificial intelligence, technology assurance including cybersecurity, continuous auditing and big data are drivers towards the future of audit.

At KPMG, we recognize that the needs of the modern audit requires innovation to be at the core of what we do.

Willis Genga,
Audit Partner and Head of Innovation in Audit
KPMG East Africa

Trending topics

All eyes on: Cyber security

In today's digital world, cybersecurity is not just a buzzword; it is a critical necessity for businesses.

(Moses Kipchirchir an Associate Director in Technology Assurance at KPMG East Africa shares insights on Cybersecurity.)

All eyes on: Continuous auditing

Continuous or more frequent auditing will likely become more prominent for the auditors in the future and should allow auditors to spend more time on crucial judgments.

(Lyse Isimbi, an IT Auditor at KPMG Rwanda, shares insights on continuous auditing.)

All eyes on: Leveraging big data to drive the audit

As Big Data variety, volume and velocity increases globally, unstructured data remains a key challenge for which optical character recognition and natural language processing technologies can be applied to read and interpret text from images.

(Lilian Onyango, a Senior Manager in Data & Analytics at KPMG Kenya highlights how clients can leverage data to drive their business goals.)

All eyes on: Technology assurance

The digital transformation requires new ways of providing assurance with the use of technology such as cyber security.

(Davis Atwiine, a Senior Manager in IT Audit at KPMG Uganda, shares insights on Technology Assurance.)

All eyes on: ESG assurance through blockchain technology

ESG assurance and using blockchain technology to calculate and generate scope 3 emissions is going to be an emerging trend going forward.

(Maurice M. Gachuhi, a Partner in Audit and Head of ESG Assurance at KPMG East Africa sheds more light on how this is driving the future of audit.)

All eyes on: The Future of Audit

Over the last weeks, you’ve heard from KPMG leaders across the East Africa region on the most pressing trends we believe will, or already are transforming the audit profession.

(Willis Genga, Audit Partner and Head of Innovation in Audit at KPMG East Africa, shares some highlights from the future of audit campaign.)

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