Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

KPMG Japan's Social Media Policy sets out the rules regarding the use of official social media accounts (hereinafter “official accounts”).

With respect to the use of social media for private or work-related purposes, KPMG Japan members are required to act appropriately and with integrity in compliance with the guidelines separately prescribed.

We use the following official accounts with an aim to actively deliver beneficial information.

(KPMG Japan)
(Recruitment of KPMG AZSA LLC)

In using the official accounts, we comply with laws and regulations as well as our internal rules and guidelines.

We aim to provide appropriate information, and strictly prohibit any slanderous statements, acts that violate public order and morality, as well as other acts that deviate from social norms.

We neither disclose personal information or confidential information of clients that we own nor share information for purposes other than the original intent and information that may infringe intellectual property rights of third parties, such as a copyright.

For those who visit our official accounts

The information that we share on the official accounts does not necessarily represent our official announcements and views, which we normally provide on our website.

We take no responsibility for information related to our firm that is shared on non-KPMG official accounts as they reflect personal views and opinions.

Based on the discretion of our administrator, we may hide or delete comments from users, or take other necessary actions.

Furthermore, we take no responsibility for any damage caused by a user of our official account.

For inquiries regarding entries on our social media sites, please contact us using the contact form on KPMG Japan's website; we do not respond to your inquiry via social media. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Change in the Social Media Policy

This policy is subject to change without prior notice. In the case of any change, we will upload the revised policy on our website and the change will apply to any information previously shared on our official accounts.