Update of FAQs, etc. relating to COVID-19

The NTA released the countermeasures at the final income tax return venue, and updated the FAQs about tax treatments/Grace System relating to COVID-19

The NTA updated the FAQs about tax treatments and Grace System, etc. relating to COVID-19.

We have set out in this e-Tax News information about the following webpages and materials:


  1. Information related to tax return filing (Countermeasures against infectious disease for filing final income tax returns for 2020)
  2. FAQs relating to COVID-19 (FAQs about the tax treatments for the tax filing and tax payment procedures, etc. relating to COVID-19, etc.)
  3. For taxpayers who face difficulty paying their national tax due to the influence of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)(Frequently Asked Questions about Grace System for National Tax Payment)

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