Emergency Economic Measures for COVID-19

The Cabinet decided the ‘Emergency Economic Measures for COVID-19’ on 7 April 2020 and new tax measures are proposed.

New tax measures are proposed in ‘Emergency Economic Measures for COVID-19'.

The ‘Emergency Economic Measures for COVID-19’ proposes various measures based on five pillars due to the spread of the coronavirus infection (I. Establishment of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and the system for providing medical care, and development of remedies for coronavirus, II. Maintenance of employment and continuation of business, III. Recovery of the economic activities by public and private sectors as next steps, IV. Construction of a strong economic structure and V. Preparation for the future). New tax measures are also proposed in ‘5. Tax Measures’ of ‘II. Maintenance of employment and continuation of business’.

We have set out in this e-Tax News the outline of new tax measures proposed in the ‘Emergency Economic Measures for COVID-19’.

KPMG Japan e-Tax News No.191

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